Friday, March 15, 2013

My first GBBD

A blogger that I have just started reading (May Dreams Gardens) had posted a fun idea this morning...Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Every 15th just post what is bloomin' in your yard.

Louis Philipe Rose

Lady Margaret Passionvine



Black and Blue Salvia (looks like someone yelling)


  1. Haven't seen your blog before. I am curious as to whether crybrug has anything to do with growing brugmansias? I googled and found Brugada syndrome, a term I'd never heard before as regards arrhythmias. Guess that's my lesson for the day. Your rose is lovely. Spring is almost here.

    1. No Crybrug is a play on my real name. That is fascinating I never knew the genus name of brugmansia. It is a very popular shrub in this area. Brugada syndrome would make a little more sense since I do have a heart issue. But really it was just me being silly

      Thank you for sharing I had fun looking those words up. Hope you have a bloom filled spring!

  2. Nice blog Crybug! Love your rose!