Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let's Do the Gardening

Let's do The Gardening !, that is the first word I want to say to all the readers of this blog . There is no excuse not to do the gardening ! no land, narrow houses and other reasons is no longer appropriate , because there are lots of technology that can be applied to overcome the classical reasons above .

Let's do The Gardening !, if you do not have enough land, and may have no more vacant land ( as already covered by concrete, ceramics, carport, etc. , can we stimulate "tabulampot " , ie fruit trees in pots . Or we could use hanging pots , either on the wall or elsewhere .

Gardening by using pots were arranged on a shelf can also be used as an alternative , if your land is very limited . Even when the soil media has begun difficult to obtain, there are hydroponic and aeroponic technology . Again , let's do the gardening ! :)

So that the spirit of the reader getting bigger ( in gardening ) , please see some of the photos below , and make it as food for thought . It could be concluded that the land is no longer a problem in gardening and farming . At a minimum , let's gardening vegetables oftenly needed by our family , like peppers and tomatoes . Whenever we need , we can immediately reap in our own garden :)